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Dental Implants

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What is a Dental Implant?

Missing one tooth? Multiple teeth? Dental implants take care of it all!

Are you tired of constantly hiding your mouth because of the embarrassment of missing teeth? At Smiles by Design, our innovative dentist can replace your missing teeth with dental implants. While we offer multiple revolutionary implant services, let’s cover the basics of what an implant actually is.
A complete dental implant

A Dental Implant Consists of Three Parts:

The titanium post of a dental implant

Titanium Post

A permanent post is placed within the jawbone. This post acts as the root of your new tooth, which makes it stable, functional, and durable. Then, the jawbone will start the healing process and fuse with the post.
The abutment of a dental implant


Once healed, Dr. Keller will attach an abutment, which connects the tooth to the post.
The crown of a dental implant

Place the Crown

The crown is the last piece of the puzzle to your new smile. With their artistic eyes, our Kirkland dental team will place a beautiful restoration, blending it in with your natural smile. You’ll walk out of our office with a gorgeous, beautiful smile.

Our Innovative Dental Implant Services

From single implants to non-metal implants in one day, we do it all!

Single Implant

If you’re missing a single tooth, dental implants can help restore the beauty and function of your smile.

Non-Metal Implants

No more metal! Our ceramic implants are a fusion of comfort and function with a twist of the “wow” factor.

Zygomatic Dental Implants

Don’t have enough bone for a dental implant? Try this alternative method and avoid bone grafts!
Same Day New Smile icon

Same Day New Smile™

Dr. Keller places a full arch of teeth on only four implants, which can be done in one appointment.

I saw the wonder of his work and to see the changes he had made to so many broken smiles. Sign me up!! We talked about the best solution for me and decided on the All-on-4 approach. I had complete trust in Dr. Keller and his team, and at the end of that day, I had a beautiful mouth full of teeth!! That was the icing on the cake for me! No pain AND a beautiful smile!

Gail, Actual Dental Implants patient

Nervous About Getting Dental Implants?

See how our state-of-the-art technology makes implants an easy, painless experience.
Video preview image of Dr. Shawn Keller who's going to talk to you about same-day dental implants Click to play movie

Let Dr. Keller tell you how to get a smile in one day!

Smiles By Design using its Trios Scanner to make impressions - no more goopy impressions. This image will take you to the video talking about our digital dentistry. Click to play movie

Tired of goopy impressions? We've gone digital.

Video preview image of Mike of received dental implants from Dr. Shawn Keller Click to play movie

Let Mike tell you how this procedure changed his life.

That's Not All!

We make dentistry more comfortable and less invasive than ever before

Technology visual of CeraRoot Non-Metal Implants
CeraRoot Non-Metal Implants

The “white diamond” of dentistry

Non-Metal implants are the implants of the future! Dr. Keller is the only dentist in Washington and one of the few in the country to offer CeraRoot. Made of Zirconia and ceramic, these restorations match the strength of traditional metal implants without any of the side-effects or unsightly metal showing through your gums.
A patient being treated with Accelerated Healing and Growth Factors
Accelerated Healing and Growth Factors

Harness your body's natural healing power

Our cutting-edge accelerated healing and growth factors (Accelerated Healing and Growth Factors) treatment harnesses the remarkable rejuvenating powers of your very own blood. Accelerated Healing and Growth Factors accelerates tissue regeneration and helps patients heal much more comfortably and quickly. This is the same healing technology elite athletes, such as Tom Brady, have received to help reconstruct injured tissue.
Technology visual of laser dentistry
Laser Dentistry

The precise and minimally invasive option

Lasers have changed the game for dentists who have invested in them and have the proper training to use them. Removing the need for anesthesia in most cases, they heal, disinfect, and reshape—painlessly. Ask your dentist in Kirkland, WA about this new technology.
Dr. Keller is at the forefront of new advances in dentistry to ensure you receive enhanced comfort during your treatment and long-lasting restorations that look natural.
  • Air Polisher
    No more of that nasty grit! A controlled jet of water, air, and fine powder polishes your teeth, reaching deep into periodontal pockets. It is far more efficient than traditional scrape and polish treatment – and much more comfortable. It reduces teeth sensitivity and encourages re-mineralization of damaged teeth.
  • Ozone Therapy
    Ozone therapy can be used to heal and disinfect. Stubborn infections such as those around root canal teeth and cavitations can be quickly healed with ozone. Bleaching is also enhanced by ozone treatments.
  • The Wand Anesthesia
    Dr. Keller’s guests like his use of the “Wand” computer-aided anesthesia. It is a very comfortable way to achieve numbness, removing what is usually the most anxiety-inducing part of the appointment. Most people don’t even notice when he has done it!
  • 3D Printing and Computer-Assisted Design
    We use Computer-Assisted Design & Manufacture (CAD/CAM) to mill crowns, bridges, and more from 3D scans. Dr. Keller is not only at the forefront of this technological revolution but is also traveling the world to instruct others on his ground-breaking techniques.
The entrance to the Smiles by Design office

Why Choose Smiles By Design For Dental Implants?

Transform your smile with confidence!
A man wearing a dark grey shirt stands outside and smiles

At Smiles By DesignThis link leads to Home page, we redefine dental implant experiences with innovation and expertise.

Offering CeraRoot Non-Metal Implants, we bring the future of implant dentistry to Washington.

Dr. KellerThis link leads to Home page, a pioneer in the field, utilizes zirconia and ceramic dental implants, ensuring strength without compromising aesthetics.

Our Accelerated Healing and Growth Factors treatment promotes rapid tissue regeneration, facilitating a comfortable recovery.

With precise, minimally invasive procedures aided by cutting-edge laser technology, we prioritize your comfort and safety.

Trust us to craft personalized treatment plans that preserve your natural teeth and jawbone integrity.

Choose Smiles By Design for unparalleled excellence in dental implant care.

Ready To Change Your Smile?
Dental implants could be the answer.

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