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Dr. Shawn Keller - dentist in Kirkland, WA

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Smiles By Design is now located in Kirkland, WA.

What Are Patients Saying About Your Dentist in Kirkland, WA?

Watch our videos and let them tell you their stories about their dental experience.

‘‘I wanted to have something permanent, not like dentures, to live the rest of my life out in joy, not in pain. Now, I smile more than I have in 20 years."
- Gail

‘‘My neck pain isn't there anymore. The back pain isn't there anymore. This whole process really has been a life-changing event."
- Chris

Actual Patients Who Are People Just Like You!
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Combining Whole-Health Principles with Natural Artistry

As your chosen Kirkland dentist, we give our patients the information and control they need to make life-changing choices that will benefit their oral and overall health now and in the future.

Meet Dr. Shawn Keller of Smiles By Design

Dr. Keller is an artist at heart and combines this passion with his hours of dental training to provide phenomenal results. Your Kirkland dentist thrives on patient interaction and developing relationships so he can provide the ideal dental care.

What makes him unique?

  • Technology Pioneer
  • Pursues perfection
  • Artistic outlook
  • Detail orientated
Unique Dentistry That'll Leave You Smiling
Smiles By Design is different – in a good way! Dr. Keller provides life-changing dentistry that restores function, beauty, and vitality by utilizing his expertise and advanced, state-of-the-art technologies. Choose from our extensive list of cosmetic and implant dentistry services.
  • Same Day New Smile™
    Would you like permanent, strong, and healthy, natural-looking teeth that will give you the confidence to smile with pride? Watch our video and see what it takes to achieve a beautiful smile in just 24 hours with Same Day New Smile™: Don’t waste time with ill-fitting dentures. These implants work just like normal teeth, so you won’t have to worry about any embarrassing denture mishaps.

    See How It Works

  • BioSmile
    BioSmile concentrates on replacing your missing teeth while keeping your dentistry 100% metal free with biocompatible materials. This is an excellent option for people who are sensitive to metals.

    One of our patients flew from the United Kingdom to get BioSmile done. Her smile was beautifully done 100% metal free!

    Actual BioSmile patient

    Contact Us About BioSmile

  • Metal-Free Dental Implants
    As pioneers for new dental technology and health benefits, we provide metal-free implants instead of the commonly seen, titanium implants for many reasons. We invite you to learn more about metal-free dental implants and download our infographic, which will explain how this benefits you as well as:

    • What our metal-free implants are made of
    • The advantages over titanium implants
    • How we use accelerated healing and growth factors to reduce recovery time
    • Cost comparison to titanium implants

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  • Cosmetic Dentures
    Using the complex components of neuromuscular and cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Keller can craft a cosmetic denture that’s comfortable, functional, and completely custom-made. Not only will you look amazing, these quality dentures can revive daily functions such as chewing, smiling, speaking, supporting your jaw, and keeping your airway open. You can finally look and feel great!

    If you would like fuller lips, fewer wrinkles, a tighter neck, and a stronger chin, contact us about our cosmetic dentures. We’re confident you’ll leave our office smiling.

    Too good to be true? Read about actual patients of Dr. Keller’s and hear their testimonies as to how cosmetic dentures changed their lives.

    Get Your Smile Back

  • Porcelain Veneers
    Using porcelain veneers, our smile artists can fix any smile flaw to get you smiling again. These thin shells are durable and are customized to change any smile. They are excellent to fix:

    • Broken or chipped teeth
    • Crooked and misaligned teeth
    • Worn teeth
    • Discolored or stained teeth
    • Gaps between teeth

    With porcelain veneers, you can have that celebrity-worthy smile of your dreams!

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Kirkland Dentistry Just Got Easier

Our commitment to providing you only the best dental care shows with our digital dentistry, one-day smiles, and rejuvenation dentistry.
Image of a preview of Dr. Shawn Keller talking about getting a smile in one day. This image will lead you to Dr. Shawn Keller's video. Click to play movie

Missing teeth? See how you can get a new smile in one day!

Image of Smiles By Design using its Trios Scanner to make impressions - no more goopy impressions. This image will take you to the video talking about our digital dentistry. Click to play movie

Tired of goopy impressions? We've gone digital.

Image of a preview of Dr. Shawn Keller talking about rejuvenation dentistry. This image will lead you to Dr. Shawn Keller's video. Click to play movie

Get rid of your double chin by making small changes to your teeth.

Preview of the dental technology video from Smiles By Design Click to play movie

Creating perfect teeth with the latest dental technologies!

There's No Wrong Way to Smile in the Greater Seattle Area
Transform Your Smile, Improve Your Life
As your preferred dentist in Kirkland, WA, we take a unique approach by providing patient-focused dentistry that positively impacts your entire life, not just your smile.

Visit our brand new Kirkland office today and see for yourself!

In need of a second opinion?

You may feel unsure about your dentist’s treatment plans for a variety of reasons. If you’ve been diagnosed with a serious condition, are not sure if the treatment you’ve been recommended is necessary, or are interested in finding a dentist you can connect with who really cares, contact us for a second opinion.