Smile Design

Turn your dream smile into a reality.

Is Your Smile Holding You Back?

Invest in yourself and finally get the smile you were meant to have.

Portrait of Anna, a patient of Smiles by Design

Your smile plays a significant role in your life, from first impressions and relationships to your physical and mental health. It’s also something you’ll wear every day for the rest of your life.

So if you…

  • Cringe when your friends say, “Let’s take a photo,” and always smile with lips closed

  • Hold back from being yourself because you cannot talk freely or laugh out loud without showing your teeth

  • Feel self-conscious about the way your smile looks and what others must think of you

… then investing in a smile makeover is worth it.

A smile design is a custom-tailored treatment plan involving one or more dental procedures to achieve your dream smile. The end result will look so natural that everyone will assume you were born with perfect teeth.

To get started, schedule a risk-complimentary consultation with our world-class cosmetic dentist, Dr. Shawn Keller.

New Smile. New You!

Here’s a glimpse of your future:
Confidence Boost

Never hold back from smiling, laughing, or taking selfies ever again. Your new smile is your best accessory!

Look Younger
Reverse signs of aging – wrinkles, sagging cheeks, unsupported lips, and discolored teeth – through Dr. Keller’s anti-aging approach.

No chiclet, bulky teeth here! Dr. Keller will take into account your unique facial features and anatomy to ensure your smile looks natural.

Career Success
Studies have shown smiling helps you get promoted, whiter teeth give you a better chance of getting hired and receiving a higher salary, and more!
First Impressions

Your beautiful smile will be the first thing people notice, instantly making you look attractive, healthy, friendly, and trustworthy.

Better Health
Improve your smile’s health and function, ending pain and preventing future problems. Plus, smiling helps decrease anxiety and release endorphins (the happy hormone!).
Hear Lucrucia’s Smile Makeover Journey
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‘‘My children just absolutely love my smile… They’re very proud of me that I did this for myself."

Meet Your Smile Designer
Portrait of Dr. Shawn Keller

The reason Dr. Shawn Keller got into dentistry was for treatments precisely like this, where he combines his artistic talent with modern dental technology and high-level training to give you unmatched results.

Choosing Dr. Keller means you gain:

  • Breathtaking aesthetics that’ll have strangers complimenting your smile without any inclination you received dental work.
  • Harmonious functionality, allowing you to enjoy life’s moments without pain.
  • Improved health by preventing oral and overall health problems, so you live a longer, more confident life!

There’s simply no comparison to Dr. Keller’s expertise and passion for helping you! This is why patients travel across the country to seek his care.

Real-Life Inspiration
Click to view each patient’s before-and-after smile makeover.

Smile Design FAQ

Answered by our cosmetic dentist in Kirkland, WA.

Change Your Smile. Change Your Life!

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