For decades, the innovative rise in dental implant technology and methodology has been ground-zero for one of dentistry’s most masterful feats as of yet, and by the hand of our very own Dr. Keller — All on 4 Metal-Free Dental Implants. Learn how Dr. Shawn Keller’s patients are saying goodbye to their dentures and smiling over their renewed, fixated smile in just one day!

Introducing: All on 4, Same-Day, Metal-Free Dental Implants!

Avoiding the sunken face look caused by dentures, metal-free All on 4 dental implants!

Avoiding the sunken face look caused by dentures, metal-free All on 4 dental implants!

Many denture wearers (or people about to be in dentures) don’t want to deal with the embarrassing slip-n-slide of dentures, nor have to remove them every night when they lie down with their spouse.

Dentures were once a great solution of dentistry, but as time evolves, so must we.

Dentures often times look unnatural and are difficult to eat with. The biggest flaw, however, is the longevity of dentures. You see, over time, your dentures will begin to cause decay in your jaw bone, resulting in gradual tissue loss and that “senile”, “sunken face” look. When there is not enough bone tissue to support your dentures, it becomes nearly impossible to keep them in your mouth when smiling, speaking, or eating.

Bye-bye, dentures.

Necessity is the mother of invention, and the needs of patients young and young-at-heart have given birth to a new age of dentistry, one currently being led by Dr. Shawn Keller himself that is changing the way we used to think of dental implants and dentures.

The All on 4 dental implants is a full arch of custom designed, natural-looking, and almost diamond-strong teeth. The best part? ZERO METAL!

All on 4 Metal-Free Dental Implants by Dr. Shawn Keller

All on 4 Metal-Free Dental Implants by Dr. Shawn Keller

In addition to the concerns of titanium metal being inserted into such a sensitive structure such as the jaw and facial nerve endings, titanium often caused implant complications for some and very bad breath. Dr. Keller’s All on 4 implant system eliminates these problems and creates a more natural, comfortable approach to replacing missing teeth permanently.


Dr. Shawn Keller,

Paving the future of dentistry, improving lives.

How long do the non-metal implants last?

Due to the nature of ceramic, the All on 4 dental implants maintain bone density over the years and prevent decay from causing that “sunken face” look. When taken care of, they can last for a whole lifetime of smiling! Obviously, the sooner you have it done the easier (and less costly!) it is in the long run, which is why many patients who have not yet lost ALL their teeth are making the wise choice of investing in their smile for years to come.

How does it differ from traditional metal implants?

Differing from the titanium metal screw that is inserted into your jaw, Dr. Shawn offers the option of a metal-free implant called ceraroot for placing the new tooth crown in place.

What if you need many implants?

Reasonably, you don’t need a dental implant for every missing tooth. 30 or more individual dental implants could turn out costly. You would need a smarter choice, like 4 implants placed with precision per arch to optimize your anatomical bone structure and your cosmetic restorations. The ceramic implants easily fuse to the bone and become part of you; many even describe feeling like having their natural set of teeth!

How long does it take? Do I have to go toothless for a while?

One of the biggest advantages of dental implants is their versatility when it comes to surgical placement. With traditional titanium implants, you would usually have to wait about 6 months for the body to recognize, accept, and fuse with metal (something very difficult to do, since humans are not made of metal).

Thankfully for the future of the dental industry, Dr. Shawn Keller has developed a precise method of placing ceramic implants and your full set of naturally beautiful teeth in time for you to eat dinner with them.

You can read that again if you’d like.

This procedure has been coined “Same Day New Smile”.

Using 3D technology, we scan accurately for the proper placement of your All on 4 implants in terms of optimal strength and safety.

After surgical insertion of the ceramic roots or posts, the possibilities for designing your full set of teeth in the same day are limited only by your imagination.

Keller_ non metal implants posts

Being the perfectionist he is, Dr. Keller will make sure each corner, angle, and texture of your new All on 4 teeth are harmoniously matched to your eye contour, your facial features, and the golden proportions for your smile.

So many options, one doctor, in the same day.

The only thing stopping you from having the smile of your dreams is you.

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