Dr. Shawn Keller

A Redmond, WA dentist elevating the standards for cosmetic dentistry.

Headshot of Dr. Shawn Keller - A Redmond WA dentist

World-Class Smile Artist

Relentlessly meticulous.

“My passion for elevating dentistry to a new level grew from my love of art, working with my hands and genuine care for my patients. Since graduating from the University of Washington – School of Dentistry, I have been driven to blend artistry with functionality to produce gorgeous smiles.

I realized how important it was for me to offer my patients a wide range of therapies and educate them on the different modalities of available care. In doing this, my patients are better equipped to decide what treatment method would be best for their oral health and financial means.

As a leading dentist in Redmond, I continue to dedicate countless hours to continued education and implement the most advanced care possible, so you and your family can attain optimal health and a beautiful smile that will last.”

The "Extra Mile" Includes the Power To Surprise

Seeing a satisfied smile is our motivation.

Dedicated Time With You

Your dentist in Redmond creates a higher standard of care by listening intently to each patient’s needs and desires.

Your Step-by-Step Guide

Dr. Keller provides the information you need each step of the way – before, during, and after your treatment.

Unique Holistic Approach

By providing individualized advice on nutrition and the impacts of oral health, Dr. Keller offers a total-health approach to dentistry.

Excellence Is In the Details

His detail-oriented and artistic approach to dentistry can only mean one thing: sensational results.

"I always try to treat my patients as if they were family. How would I treat you if you were my sister, my daughter, or my father? I would only want the best for you."

– Shawn Keller, Practice Founder

This has been the best dental experience I have ever had! Dr. Keller is so knowledgeable and he made me feel comfortable. I am so glad I found this office!!

- Tara, Actual Patient

Check Out Dr. Keller in the Media

See the stunning results of this knowledgable Redmond, WA dentist.

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Get the inside story on New Day NW and find out how Dr. Keller transformed Steven's smile.

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Dr. Keller, with his patient Dana, discuss getting a new smile in ONE day on New Day NW.

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Dr. Shawn Keller can help with your TMJ symptoms, getting you out of pain.

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Dr. Shawn Keller on New Day NW discussing how you can look 10 years younger in one day.

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Let Dr. Shawn Keller tell you how to look and feel younger the healthiest way.

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How my porcelain veneers gave me a great smile and cured my TMJ!

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