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Real Patient Stories

Embarrassed to smile? Our patients were too. Hear their journeys.
  • They’re no longer in pain.
  • They’re able to smile with confidence.
  • Their headaches are gone.

Watch Videos of Our Real Patients

All different stories with the same ending: renewed confidence and gorgeous smiles.
"If you'd really like to keep smiling for the rest of your life you need to go and see Dr. Shawn Keller."
"We were very comfortable with Dr. Keller. The process is awesome and life-changing."
"Since replacing my teeth, my high blood pressure, cough, neck, and back pain are all gone now."
"I wish I knew about this before, and I could have done it a long time ago."
"I won't take my smile for granted. I'm so excited!"
"I'm smiling from my heart."
"My teeth were horrible and I was in pain. Now, I smile more than I have in 20 years."
"I can now go into any restaurant, order what I want, and eat it, no problem."
"I'm happy with the overall outcome. My confidence has increased greatly."
"I'm not self-conscious anymore!"
Watch her bite into an apple for the first time in 20 years.
"I flew from Santa Fe to Seattle to have Dr. Keller fix my bite. And he did."
"I had my first corn on the cob. It was glorious!"
"He can look forward to life with a beautiful smile."
"No way I could've gone skydiving with dentures!"
See the husband's reaction to her new smile.
"It changed the shape of my face; it's like getting a facelift!"
"I was pleased they dealt with underlying issues, not just cosmetics."
"I have zero to no pain and a beautiful smile."
"It changed my life cause I can eat now."
"It was like stepping into the future of dentistry."
"The most genuinely caring people I've ever met."
"There was no pain, no bleeding, and no swelling."
"My problem could be fixed in two sessions."
"The best part of my smile is being able to flash it and not feel self-conscious."
"I'm sleeping better. The results are better than what I could've hoped for."
A message from Mike in Australia.
"It almost brought tears to my eyes when I saw my new smile."
If you're considering a gum graft, watch this first.
"I hope this video helps anyone who suffers from TMJ and wants to enhance their smile."
"It really went together just beautifully."
"Looking in the mirror has given me so much confidence."
"I loved the doctor's enthusiasm and energy."
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