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Take a moment to think about how your missing or severely damaged teeth affect you.

For instance, when you’re at a gathering, are you the life of the party, smiling and laughing like you once were?

Or do you sit on the sidelines, only smirking and giggling because you’re embarrassed by your smile?

In just one day, we can restore your smile and make you the life of the party again.

You’ll see firsthand the psychological impact of same-day dental implants.

In the meantime, read on to learn about dental implants’ effect on your mental wellness.

The silent struggle: mental effects of tooth loss

First and foremost, you may feel embarrassed and self-conscious about your tooth loss.

You may turn down event invitations to avoid contact with people or make excuses why you can’t go out.

When you go out, you may half-smile or not speak for fear of exposing your teeth.

Between anxiety and depression, tooth loss can take quite a toll on your mental well-being.

Tooth loss’ connection with self-esteem

Self-esteem impacts your relationships with others as well as your general happiness.

When you have gaps from missing teeth or unsightly, severely decayed teeth, you may feel less attractive, which could influence your friendships, romantic relationships, and co-worker interactions.

Beyond a physical restoration

Dentures are restorations that reestablish function by closing gaps.

However, they usually don’t look natural and can slip and slide as you speak or chew.

They’re often noticeable to others.

The psychological benefits of dental implants include restoring your teeth’s function and improving your appearance. Both of these can elevate your happiness.

You boost your confidence when you can speak normally, chew as you once did, and look in the mirror at a set of pearly whites that look like your own.

The emotional transformation

You might feel the effects of your imperfect smile each day whenever you get ready or engage in a conversation. Emotionally, it may weigh heavy on you.

Through dental implants, you regain or develop the ability to live in the moment and enjoy each minute without being self-consciousness.

You might start doing the activities you once loved again, completely reforming how you feel about yourself.

Happiness is within your reach again with dental implants.

Breaking the social barriers

The pressure of being perfect is rampant, especially with social media. The one positive aspect is that it’s popularizing cosmetic dental proceduresThis link leads to Cosmetic Dentistry page like veneersThis link leads to Veneers page and implants.

Often, people feel others are judging and comparing them constantly, making social interactions frightful. People with flawed smiles may avoid socialization at all costs for this reason.

Dental implants can break any social barriers that arise from your not-so-perfect grin.

Your renewed confidence will have you speaking to others with confidence. It might help you land that job you’ve been after or the person you’ve been smitten with.

The impact of tooth loss on oral health

While tooth loss deteriorates your self-worth and mental health, it also affects your oral health.

Each of your teeth acts as a placeholder, keeping the others in their positions.

One missing tooth can lead to the shifting of others.

Ultimately, this can impact your appearance and lead to bite problems and misalignments.

You might find it more difficult to care for your teeth, possibly causing you to neglect your oral health.

This can become a cycle that leads to a decline in overall health.

Choosing dental implants or dentures

As an alternative to denturesThis link leads to Cosmetic Dentures page, dental implants look and feel more natural.

You don’t have to worry about messy denture adhesives or taking your teeth out for their nightly bath.

Dental implants require the same care as your teeth.

Brush them twice daily with a nonabrasive toothpaste and soft-bristled toothbrush.

Plus, if you stay at anyone’s house, you don’t have to worry about the shame of removing your dentures.

By choosing dental implants, you have a long-lasting solution to tooth loss.

The implant can last a lifetime with proper care, even if you choose a non-metal variety.This link leads to Non-Metal Implants page

You may need to replace the crown eventually, but they usually last ten to 15 years. However, that time varies based on the type of crowns you choose.

Dentures typically don’t last as long as implants.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about breaking your dental implants like you would removable dentures.

Overall, the benefits of dental implants compared to dentures make them well worth it, as you’ll have less to worry about and more perks.

Looking forward with confidence

Confident man in glasses smiling brightly

Your future is bright with dental implants from Dr. KellerThis link leads to Dr. Keller’s page.

You’ll look forward to socializing and have plenty of reasons to smile, even when nobody is watching.

These restorations offer a long-lasting, low-fuss, stable, high-reward solution.

You’ll gain a pep in your step and have the confidence to take on new adventures.

A final thought

Insecurities from your smile profoundly impact your self-esteem and can trickle into different aspects of your life.

Dental implants can change all that. The psychological benefits of dental implants are often more significant for patients than the physical ones.

Dr. Keller of Smiles by DesignThis link leads to Home page understands the mental connection between someone’s smile and their happiness and aims to improve patients’ mental health through smile correction, including dental implants.

Contact us today if you’re ready for a new smile and outlook.


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