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For those grappling with dental anxiety, the prospect of dental implants can be daunting.

However, same-day dental implants are a trailblazer, giving patients the physical and psychological benefits of this tooth replacement method in one visit.

With the expediency of the procedure, patients find relief from prolonged dental concerns while minimizing anxiety associated with traditional implant processes.

Fortunately, Dr. KellerThis link leads to Dr. Keller’s page offers same-day dental implants for nervous patients and anyone wanting to improve their smile without a long wait time and the inconvenience of multiple visits.

How same-day dental implants work

You can hear directly from our dentist how same-day implants work in this videoThis link opens a new link to YouTube.

Traditionally, dental implantsThis link leads to Dental Implants page took an average of six months, with patients requiring even longer to heal.

The process consisted of multiple visits, which varied based on the severity of your case and the procedures you needed.

For instance, if you needed a bone or gum graft, your case required more appointments.

Same-day dental implants, however, take only one appointment.

Our dentist will extract the teeth, place the implants and abutments during this visit, and even situate the permanent crowns.

Dr. Keller uses state-of-the-art technology and advanced techniques to accomplish this.

We also accelerate the healing process using platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and stem cell therapy. Stem cells help with bone integration, while PRP facilitates tissue healing.

How same-day dental implants in Kirkland, WA, help anxious patients

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When you receive standard implants, you wait for the appointment, which can take several weeks.

You then visit for the consultation and receive a scheduled date for your return appointment.

After, you could have several subsequent visits to place the implants and crowns.

While you may heal in one to two weeks from the implant surgery, for the bone to fuse with the implants, you could be waiting six months before you receive a crown.

All of this equates to a great deal of waiting, which means you have plenty of time to stress about each appointment and the process.

Dr. Keller’s approach is simple. You receive the implants and crowns at the same appointment, benefitting you, the patient, in many ways, including the following:

No waiting for the implants to heal

Ultimately, you come to our office wanting an improved smile; you want it today, not nine months from now.

Well, with conventional implants, even if they’re non-metal onesThis link leads to Non-Metal Implants page, you may need to wait sometime to receive the permanent crowns. This wait can be agonizing.

And with each appointment comes the worry that you may need to wait a little longer if you’re not healing quickly or require other treatment.

Opting for same-day dental implants alleviates that.

No stressing over needing multiple rides

Whenever we perform procedures that require oral or intravenous sedationThis link leads to Sedation Dentistry page, we strongly urge you to have a ride home from the appointment.

Finding someone who isn’t busy that day to take and pick you up can be challenging and stressful.

When you only have one visit for implants, you only need one ride.

No anxiety over excessive food restrictions

You’ll soon discover you temporarily need to change your diet a bit after you receive regular implants to ensure comfort and allow for proper healing.

Specifically, you’ll need to consume soft foods for a short time.

It’s a one-and-done deal when we complete the process in one appointment.

No frustration over countless days of missed work

When you have a standard dental implant procedure, you may need to take off or leave early multiple days to make every appointment.

You only have so many sick and vacation days to use.

Sometimes, you can’t get the requested days off because your employer doesn’t have a replacement.

And if you’re taking this time off without pay, that can be quite a blow to your pocketbook.

Plus, you have the stress of trying to find coverage.

Only one visit means you only need to take off that one day.

Less upset to your home life

You more than likely have home obligations, whether it’s your children, pets, a parent who stays with you, or your house and yard.

Every time you complete a different step in a standard dental implant journey, it takes away from all these responsibilities.

You could find yourself stressed out every time it happens when you need multiple visits.

However, with same-day dental implants, any disruption occurs just once.

Less pain

Pain can be a reason people avoid seeing the dentist and a common cause of dental anxiety.

Though we take every step possible to eliminate pain during the procedure, some discomfort afterward is to be expected.

You’ll repeatedly experience this if your procedure involves multiple steps.

When it’s only one, you’ll experience the discomfort once.

And we should mention that we provide information and ways to reduce or eliminate any discomfort after your procedure.

A new smile is possible with little hassle and less distress when you opt for a one-day procedure.

Getting dental implants in one visit lets you take your life back, eat what you want, and speak with perfect clarity without the wait or nuisance of several visits.

Your nerves can be calmed with an expert in your corner like Dr Keller.

Stop putting off what you can do in one day with same-day dental implants!

Schedule your consultation today!


Are you outside Kirkland, WAThis link opens a new tab to Google Maps? You can still benefit from our same-day implants if you’re in Kingsgate, Redmond, Bellevue, Woodinville, Bothell, Kenmore, Lake Forest Park, or Mercer Island because we’re not far from you!