Dental technology provides the secret to a new smile in one day with Dr. Keller

We live in a golden age of technology. From smartphones to driverless cars and 3D printing, we are witnessing technological advancements that continually improve our day-to-day lives. Even your oral dental care has improved thanks to the explosive growth in advanced dental technology. For example, dentists like your Kirkland cosmetic dentist, Dr. Shawn Keller, can use cutting-edge technology to give you a new perfect smile in one day!

Before we explain how you can walk into a dental office with missing teeth and out a few hours later with a new smile on the same day, let’s consider what benefits you can expect from a technically advanced dentist.

  • better patient care — natural teeth are lasting longer, gums are healthier, and oral diseases are detected much earlier
  • less invasive procedures — translate to an increased level of comfort for most dental procedures
  • greater convenience — it’s easier to maintain your oral health as appointments can be shorter and fewer repeat visits are required
  • better restorative and cosmetic care — with implants and veneers there are more options to choose from than cosmetic dentures and bridges to replace missing teeth and improve your smile

Dr. Keller uses the most advanced dental technologies for optimal health and perfect smiles

Now, let us give you the top 5 dental technologies used by Dr. Shawn Keller to provide the best patient care possible.

1. i-CAT 3D Scans for Dental Implants

Dr. Keller’s preliminary work is key to a successful smile transformation. Digital 3D scans of your bone structure and tooth orientation help him extensively plan out the perfect placement of your implants before surgery. This ensures the best possible outcome for your restoration and stability of your implants. By eliminating guesswork, you can be 100% confident in Dr. Keller’s decisions.

Watch this short video and see how Dr. Keller uses i-CAT 3D dental imaging scans on a real patient.

2. TecScan Digital Dental Technology

TecScan or T-Scan provides a 2D and 3D digital evaluation of your bite. Dr. Keller won’t have to rely on asking you “How does that feel?” when evaluating potential problems and imbalances with your occlusion. You can see the scans and feel more confident in your treatment plan.

T-Scan helped perfectly balance Karen’s new smile so she could rest at ease knowing her new smile will last a lifetime.

Before and after photos of Dr. Keller's patient who used T-Scan technology

Dr. Keller helped Karen commit to her new smile using advanced T-Scan digital technology!

3. CeraRoot Dental Implants

The majority of dentists today use dental implants made of titanium – an extremely strong and lightweight metal. Our holistic dental office uses CeraRoot dental implants – a non-metal alternative made of zirconia (ceramic) which is bio-compatible – which provides stronger integration between the implant and bone, resulting in less inflammation. Metal-free implants are easy to keep clean and promote healthier gums.

Dr. Keller is the only dentist in Washington State to provide this type of approach to implant dentistry. Learn more about CeraRoot non-metal implants from Dr. Keller himself by watching his interview on The Health Connection.

4. Accelerated Healing Cell Therapy

Cell therapy can help to fuel the natural healing process. By harvesting these cells contained inside your teeth, Dr. Keller and his team can get the implant in the strongest and safest position. Cell therapy promotes extremely fast regeneration of tissue, which results in a vastly more comfortable procedure and having your dream smile completed much faster.

5. All-on-4® Dental Implants

The sophisticated dental technology known as “All-on-Four” uses only 4 CeraRoot ceramic implants to support your full arch (upper or lower) of teeth. Your Zirconia bridge is bonded to the ceramic zirconia implants and never comes out. You can enjoy natural-looking, and feeling teeth that will last a lifetime with proper care. The best part is that our patients at Smiles by Design will have a provisional version of their new smile on the same day. You will not have to go another day without a beautiful smile.

Watch Dana’s unbelievable smile transformation and learn why he chose Dr. Keller for his Same Day New Smile.

Dr. Keller is dedicated to using his artistic passion for gorgeous smiles on every patient. He has been learning different techniques from top dentists around the globe for the last 15 years. Dr. Shawn Keller understands that budget is a huge factor, which is why he offers different options which each case being carefully reviewed so you can upgrade at a later time without sacrificing your initial investment.

You’re Worth it! Schedule Your Complimentary Consultation with Dr. Keller

It’s time to invest in you. Your new smile and financial investment will be in the best hands with Dr. Shawn Keller at your Kirkland Smiles by Design dental office. In fact, we’ll give you 5 incredible reasons to choose Dr. Shawn Keller. We offer complimentary consultations for both comprehensive and cosmetic dentistry so make sure to book yours today by calling 425.558.1515.

Learn more about Dr. Keller's Same Day New Smile using All-on-4 dental technology

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