Actual patient of Dr. Shawn Keller, a Kirkland implant dentist - before and after CeraRoot

Dental implants are a fabulous option for replacing missing teeth. Implants are an artificial tooth root that is placed in the jaw bone. This new tooth root is permanent and durable. It is capped with a beautiful porcelain crown custom-created for you that looks and functions just like one of your own natural teeth.

The most common form of dental implant used by the majority of dentists today is one made of titanium – an extremely strong and lightweight metal. Our holistic dental office uses CeraRoot – a non-metal alternative to titanium implants to solve the common problem of tooth replacement.

Why CeraRoot?

What are the benefits to you of the CeraRoot system?

  • Maintains the same strength without unsightly metal.
  • The implant is made of zirconia (ceramic) which is bio-compatible – which means integration between the implant and bone is strong resulting in less inflammation.
  • Zirconia is allergy-free, unlike metal.
  • Metal-free implants are easy to keep clean and promote healthier gums.

Dr. Keller is the only dentist in Washington State to provide this type of approach to implant dentistry. However, we are always happy to adapt to the needs of our patients, so if you would prefer titanium implants we will work with these also.

What You Need to Know!

We know you must have many more questions you would like answered about CeraRoot. Our web page that discusses our implant dentistry services in Kirkland, WA answers such questions as:

  • Who is a candidate?
  • How is a CeraRoot implant placed? What is the process?
  • Will it hurt?

We would love to answer your questions about dental implants and CeraRoot. Please contact us or call our Kirkland dentist office at 425-558-1515 today for an appointment. Your beautiful and healthy smile is waiting!