Sedation Dentistry in Redmond, WA

Your stress-free solution to getting the smile you want.

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Woman smiling at the thought of stress-free dentistry with sedation.

Do you have a dental fear or anxiety?

Then sedation dentistry may be the solution you have been looking for.

With sedation dentistry, you can get the smile you want without all the stress. Sedatives allow you to relax during your appointment and keep your mind off of the task at hand.

Want your new smile faster?

We also use sedation dentistry to help patients get their new smile faster. With sedatives, we can perform multiple procedures during one appointment, like dental implants and cosmetic dentistry services.

Your Redmond cosmetic dentist, Dr. Shawn Keller offers three types of sedation:

  • Nitrous oxide

  • Oral sedation

  • IV sedation

Which Sedation Option Is Best for You?

Icon of balloons symbolizing nitrous oxide sedation option
Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide, commonly known as laughing gas, offers a light level of sedation. You breathe it in through a mask during your procedure, which leaves you completely relaxed but cognizant of your surroundings. Patients like this sedative because there are no side effects and you can drive home afterward.

Oral sedation is a great option for nerves or wanting more procedures at once!
Oral Sedation

Oral sedation offers different levels of relaxation depending on the prescribed dosage by Dr. Keller. You can expect to experience some drowsiness with mild to moderate levels of consciousness. Time will fly by and you’ll only be left with vague memories. This is a perfect option if you would like to get your new smile faster by having multiple procedures during one appointment.

Icon of an IV bag with sedation medication in it for dental services
IV Sedation

For those with severe dental fear or anxiety, you might prefer to be unconscious during your appointment. If that is the case, we bring in trained professionals to administer IV sedation. It will put you to sleep, leaving you with no memory of the procedure(s). Most of our patients prefer to be semi-conscious, for which we prescribe oral sedation.

Why Patients Love Sedation Dentistry in Redmond, WA

Multiple Procedures

Typically, more complex procedures are spread out over two or more appointments. But with sedation dentistry, we perform multiple procedures during one appointment and reduce the number of times you have to visit us.

Finally Relax

Some patients have avoided the dentist for years because of dental fear or anxiety. But sedation dentistry has allowed them to finally relax in the chair and let their smiles get the attention it deserves.


We often find that a fear of the dentist comes from a fear of pain. With sedation dentistry, we are able to help patients overcome their fear of the dentist by offering them a relaxed, pain-free experience.

Smile Faster

The quicker you get your procedures done, the quicker you will be to having your new smile. Sedation dentistry is a great option for those who want to see their smile results faster.

I grew up with poor dental care, which created a fear of dentists. I was finally ready for a change. My choice to come to Dr. Keller was by far THE BEST DECISION I HAVE EVER MADE. I am forever grateful for my new life and my gorgeous smile!!! I recommend that if you are on the fence to make changes to your mouth and smile, please come see Dr. Keller! I promise you will be glad you did.

- Gail, Actual Patient

Frequently Asked Questions about Sedation Dentistry in Redmond, WA

  • Am I a candidate for sedation dentistry?

    If you have a dental fear or anxiety, then yes! Don’t let that be your reason for stopping you from getting the health care you need and the smile you deserve.

    Sedation dentistry is also a great option if you would like to save time and get your new smile faster by having multiple procedures during one appointment.

    Contact us today to discuss which sedation option is best for you.

  • What type of procedures can be done with sedation dentistry?

    Virtually all of our procedures can be done while you are sedated. Some of these include:

  • Will I be able to drive home?

    With nitrous oxide, the effects wear off quickly after your appointment and you won’t need extra assistance. You will be able to safely drive home.

    With oral and IV sedation, you will need someone to drive you to and from the appointment and stay with you for the remainder of the day. It is not safe to drive until the sedatives leave your system, which can take up to 24 hours.

  • Are you accepting new patients?

    Yes! Let’s schedule a consultation to see how we can help you meet your smile goals.

    We proudly serve the Greater Seattle area including, Redmond, Bellevue, Seattle, and Kirkland. However, we also see patients who live across the state. With sedation dentistry, we can make your trip more worthwhile with multiple procedures in one appointment.



Ready for a Relaxed Dental Experience?

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