Cosmetic Dentures for Redmond, WA

Renew yourself. Our whole-health dentist is excited to offer unique cosmetic dentures.

So Much More Than Just Dentures

Designed to support your jaw and face to give you a reinvigorated smile.
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The major issue with conventional dentures:

After missing teeth for many years, your face can gain a sunken appearance. Many times dentures are not made to support the face, giving a person a much older appearance.

The cosmetic denture difference:

These quality dentures perform all the functions your teeth had before, including an attractive smile, chewing, speaking, supporting the jaw, and keeping your airway open. Our implant dentist in Redmond uses a systemic, neuromuscular, and cosmetic approach to give you the ultimate dentures that refresh your smile.

Here is the Science Bit

Watch this video to find out how cosmetic dentures in Redmond, WA could benefit you.

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How Do Cosmetic Dentures Reverse the Aging Process?

Your cosmetic dentures, by Dr. Keller, can help compensate for the bone loss that results because a patient has no teeth. This bone loss makes our teeth look shorter and our lips thinner.

By building up your facial structure, your Redmond dentist can restore your natural, youthful appearance.

Would you like?

  • Fuller lips

  • Less wrinkles

  • Tighter neck

  • Stronger chin

Visiting Dr. Keller was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. It has really changed my life.

- Laura, Actual Patient

Hear Gail's Story
Increase your confidence with a permanent solution!
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‘‘I wanted to have something permanent, not like dentures, to live the rest of my life out in joy, not in pain."

How Cosmetic Dentures Changed Laura's Life

Change your life and gain the confidence to smile.

Laura’s beautiful new smile from Smiles by Design.

Cosmetic dentures gave Laura a non-surgical facelift and beautiful, comfortable dentures. She loves her newly aligned teeth and is happy to have found Dr. Keller.


TMJ therapy and teeth restoration

Have Questions About Cosmetic Dentures in Redmond, WA?

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