Before and after photos with text, "How Chris Fixed His Smile in One Day"

Patients come to Dr. Shawn Keller for implant dentistry for all sorts of reasons; missing teeth, poor oral health, smile makeover, etc.

In this case study, you’re going to hear about Chris, a real patient who received a brand new smile in one day with Same Day New Smile™, also known as same-day dental implants, in Kirkland, WA.

Let’s start with a little backstory.

How Chris’s smile makeover journey began

Here’s what sparked Chris’s smile journey into action:

“I bit into a nacho, and I thought there was what felt like a rock in the nachos. It turned out to be a piece of my tooth that had broken off.”

But the truth is:

Chris’s broken tooth wasn’t a freak accident.

He had dental problems long before this. This just happened to be the breaking point (literally).

You see:

His family has a history of periodontal disease (gum disease).

His previous dentist tried to slow down his bone loss and warned him that he’d need to have teeth replaced eventually.

But as with almost all dental problems:

The longer you wait, the worse your problem becomes.

So Chris’s nacho accident was his tooth’s final *losing* battle against periodontitis.

Side note: Did you know gum disease is the #1 cause of adult tooth loss? If left untreated, the disease can spread to other teeth and, before you know it, you’re practically toothless.

Of course, there’s still more to this story:

When Chris met with Dr. Shawn Keller, they discovered more underlying issues.

  • The tooth that broke was very infected.
  • There was an infection that went up into his sinuses.
  • Several other teeth had abscesses.

Chris's smile before Same Day New Smile (same-day dental implants) with gum disease, infections, and broken and abscessed teeth

The solution?

Our Kirkland dentist proposed his Same Day New Smile™… This text opens a new tab to the official website…, which includes replacing a full arch of teeth with only four dental implants.

The best part:

It takes just one day! Hence the universal name, same-day dental implants.

Chris could leave our office with a brand new smile in 24 hours.

Now, given this is a big decision to make:

Chris sought out second opinions from various dentists.

He asked them about:

  • What their treatment recommendation would be.
  • If they offered same-day dental implants.
  • What parts of the treatment they could do in-office vs. referring to a specialist.
  • What financing options they provided.

In the end, no other dentist could offer the same quality or convenience as Smiles By Design.

To sum it up:

  • Dr. Keller provides the ENTIRE dental implant treatment in-office. You won’t need outside specialists or labs.
  • With the use of neuromuscular dental technology, your treatment will take into account ALL the anatomical features of your smile, including your jaw, head, and neck.
  • In addition to maximizing your dental insurance, you can choose from three financing solutions.

Hear from Chris himself as he explains his smile journey.

How Same Day New Smile™ works

Here’s an overview of Chris’s experience replacing all of his teeth with Same Day New Smile™ in Kirkland, WA.

Step 1: Consultation

We briefly mentioned this earlier, but let’s go into more detail:

Chris took advantage of Dr. Keller’s complimentary consultation.

We began by getting to know Chris, his medical and dental history, what he’d like his new smile to look like, etc.

Then we took x-rays and 3D digital imaging.

This allowed Dr. Keller to really look at the inner workings of his smile.

It became evident the short lifespan his teeth had and how problems would progress if left untreated.

But it also showed us how his oral health was affecting his overall health.

It turns out:

That initial tooth infection was draining into his sinuses and causing his constant cough.

Plus, his bite had changed over the years and caused a ripple effect of painful symptoms like headaches.

And you know the rest:

Dr. Keller outlined his recommendation, Same Day New Smile™, along with estimated costs, and Chris hopped onboard!

Step 2: Planning

Behind the scenes, Dr. Keller and his team spend HOURS planning out your surgery and new smile.

Using those x-rays and digital images from the consultation, we created a 3D model of Chris’s facial structure.

This helped Dr. Keller determine the exact locations to place the implants.

Using technology for placing dental implants is proven to help improve accuracy and healing, which results in long-term success.

Dr. Keller’s in-house lab also created a temporary mockup of Chris’s new smile.

Step 3: Implant placement

AKA Chris’s new smile day!

Because Chris had remaining teeth, we first needed to remove those.

Next, Dr. Keller placed four dental implants in his upper and lower jaw.

Lastly, we secured Chris’s temporary set of teeth to his dental implants.

Why a temporary set of teeth?

We believe you should have a couple of days to test out your new smile – make sure you like the look and fit.

Then, when you return for your permanent set of teeth two days later, we can make any adjustments if needed.

Your new smile should be perfect, and this little window of time warrants that.

Now, if you’re worried about pain, you should know:

For many patients, a local anesthetic is all that’s needed to feel relaxed and comfortable.

However, if you suffer from dental anxiety or fear, we can keep you at ease and pain-free with sedation dentistry.

Step 4: Show off that smile, Chris!

Once Dr. Keller and Chris were happy, the final smile was permanently placed.

Take a look at his new smile below.

Chris's smile after Same Day New Smile (same-day dental implants) with a beautiful and confident smile, healthy and pain-free teeth.

Keep scrolling to watch his final video and hear how his quality of life improved!

The outcome of Chris’s same-day dental implants case study

You can’t deny the visual improvement in Chris’s smile above.

He looks YEARS younger and healthier.

And that’s simply from improving his teeth’s size, color, and shape, which Dr. Keller can also do with porcelain veneers.

Dr. Keller likes to call this a face-lift without surgery or anti-aging dentistry.

But Chris’s results go way deeper than just looks.

Watch his final video to hear it all.

Remember that consistent cough he had?


No more infection or sinus drainage issues.

What else?

  • Lowered blood pressure
  • No more neck pain
  • No more back pain
  • More confidence
  • Better enunciation
  • Improved singing and vocal range (he’s a vocalist)

The craziest part of all?

This isn’t abnormal.

Your smile is not a stand-alone characteristic. It’s entirely interconnected with your body and well being, from how well you sleep to how full of a life you live.

So, if you’ve ever thought about improving your smile or health, just know:

It’s 100% worth it.

And don’t just take our word for it.

Hear from more patients about their experience.

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