For the past few years, there has been a lot of buzz about holistic medicine. Throughout the medical community, a definite paradigm shift has happened in inpatient treatment practices.

Doctors who embrace the holistic approach to medicine no longer focus on treating a disease by just addressing its symptom, they treat the whole patient.  That is, they feel that a person really is the sum of his parts. That a body is made up of many inter-dependent parts, and if one part is not working properly it will affect the health of the rest of the body.

The holistic philosophy also involves a team approach to treatment that uses a variety of health care practices to identify and treat the underlying root cause of the condition. And it often offers treatment that harnesses and encourages the body’s natural healing powers.

Because of its success and its emphasis on natural treatment that avoids the sometimes adverse side effects of conventional treatments, more and more doctors and patients are embracing this approach to treatment.

Holistic Dentistry

The holistic treatment philosophy is also being adopted by forward-thinking dentists. The practice of Dr. Shawn Keller is a leader in this field in Washington State.

We discussed in an earlier blog his use of the innovative CeraRoot system to provide his patients with a non-metal alternative for dental implants. It highlighted how Dr. Keller is enhancing the health of his patients by choosing to use bio-compatible materials for his procedures.

But as this short video clip shows, Dr. Keller has gone an exciting, giant step further at his practice in introducing treatment that harnesses the healing power of the body.

Dr. Keller further encourages a holistic approach to dental treatment by offering post dental care that gives nutritional advice to encourage whole-body health. The team at Shawn Keller DDS is interested in YOU, every part of you. They are focused on how you can achieve optimum dental and whole-body health with a holistic -think “whole-istic”- approach to your treatment.

This whole-hearted and whole-health approach to dentistry is the hallmark of Shawn Keller DDS.

We would love to answer your questions about holistic dentistry, CeraRoot, Stem-cell treatment or any other questions you may have. Just call our Kirkland dentistry office at (425) 558-1515 or contact us.