Our Team Had a Great Private Hot Yoga Class

Our Team Had a Great Private Hot Yoga Class

As a top Kirkland dentist I can tell you dental work is not just hard on patients, in order to take care of our patients we put our bodies through a lot of stress and strain.  Leaning over a patient all day can be very hard on your back due to the posture needed.

I have always tried to take care of my body and my mind to be at the top of my game.  To help with that I try my best to go to a hot Yoga Class each day.  I find that it really helps me to feel refreshed and ready to help my patients.

My goal is to have a team that is not only up to date on the latest in our industry but also healthy and happy.  As a practice continued education is a top priority for us, but from time to time we also like to take some time to take care of our bodies and souls.


“I want to not only take my team to Dental Continuing Education classes but also classes for the mind, body and soul.  To have a team that is connected in all those areas is what makes this practice a dream office!  Happy healthy staff equals happy healthy patients, win win!” 


Recently our team had a great private yoga class with one of Seattle’s top yoga instructors at Get Zen Yoga Studio.  Check out their website for more information and to see their  full schedule of classes. http://www.getzenyoga.com/.  We had a great time our instructor was amazing.

Check out our video of the fun day at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=obcUgSBm5E4