“The relationship between your gums and the rest of your body is a foundation for holistic health.”
– Your Kirkland dentistry expert, Dr. Shawn Keller

Your gums act as the founding support for that beautiful smile that lights up your face each time you are with loved ones or enjoy a good laugh. Having healthy gums equals having a healthy smile. But it doesn’t stop there. You gums, seemingly small as they may be, play a huge role in the overall health of your digestive organs, your heart, and your reproductive systems. If you do not care for your gums properly, you may face serious health hazards! Let our Kirkland dentistry experts elaborate on the links to systemic health.

Infection in your gums and around you teeth is called periodontal disease. Once the infection colonizes, it becomes hard calculus and spreads to the jaw bone. At this point, flossing and basic cleanings do not help. Apart from causing bad breath, periodontal disease is very difficult to detect since it’s painless and often misdiagnosed.


Let’s review 3 major links to your systemic full body health impacted by gum disease. 


Gum Disease Redmond dentistry

Gum disease could be killing you slowly! Our Kirkland dentistry experts can help.


#1. Pregnancy

As you may have heard in the recent news, periodontal infection has been linked to causes of miscarriage in women. The same infectious bacteria attached to the roots of teeth are found infecting the miscarried fetus.

#2. Heart Attack

Periodontal disease is also a major cause of heart attack and stroke, especially in men.  Cardiologists and Neurologists will no longer operate until this causative infection is under control.

#3. Bloodstream Infiltration

Picture this scenario: If a tooth has a surface area of about 1-2 cm (approx. the size of a stamp) and we have 32 teeth, each tooth having a colony of bacteria in intimate contact with inflamed gums and blood supply, then the total area of infection is about the size of a standard envelope. Imagine an envelope-sized open sore on your forearm constantly draining into your bloodstream! Most of us would be at the emergency room asking for help. But since gum disease is in our mouths and because it’s painless and virtually invisible to us, we do nothing.


Help Provided By Redmond Dentistry Experts


The good news? There is help available! Your Redmond dentistry experts, Dr. Shawn Keller and his highly trained team including Betsy Tolhurst, RDH, and Ashley, are vastly trained to deal with such an infection. If you choose to treat your infection with us, we can manage the risk to your body with focused initial care and continued quarterly maintenance. Some of our new therapies include laser and antimicrobial therapy which can actually reverse bone damage and regain attachment and bone structure that has been lost! No other therapies can promise this!


With one initial therapy, you can start to feel the difference in your body. With regular maintenance, your whole body will soon clean out the infectious residue and you will live at your healthiest holistic potential!



SIDE EFFECTS MAY INCLUDE patients noticing their smile sparkling more and a surprisingly delightful breath that is much fresher. These side effects may lead to creating better relationships, resulting in more friends wanting to spend time with you.