Before and after Dru's smile transformation

Are you struggling with failing teeth?

Do you hide your smile?

If you answered “Yes” to either of those questions, you should know you’re not alone!

Today’s case study is about a patient named Dru, who was experiencing those very dental issues.


Dru received a restorative treatment from Dr. Shawn Keller that completely changed his life.

Let’s start with a quick backstory.

Why Dru wanted a new smile

Dru was dealing with failing teeth for a long time, and he wasn’t pleased with how they looked.

He felt self-conscious about showing his smile and speaking to people in public, so he was ready for a change.

Dru scheduled a consultation with our Kirkland dentist, Dr. Shawn Keller, who’s revolutionizing implant and cosmetic dentistry.

Dru's Smile Before Same-Day New Smile

The solution?

After Dr. Keller listened to Dru’s needs and concerns, he proposed his Same Day New Smile™… This text opens a new tab to the our Same Day New Smile page… dental implant service.

This ground-breaking technique involves using just four dental implants to replace a full arch of teeth.

What makes this service so extraordinary is that the procedure takes only one day!

That means:

Dru would be able to leave Smiles By Design with a beautiful, new smile after a single appointment.


This top-quality service is convenient in EVERY aspect because:

  • The entire dental implant procedure is completed in our office. You won’t have to hop around or get a referral!
  • Dr. Keller will use the Face Hunter 3D-facial scanner, so you’ll get a preview of your final smile before starting treatment. It’ll make the planning process more reliable and help us match our work flawlessly to your facial features.
  • He’ll utilize accelerated healing and growth factors to accelerate tissue regeneration, helping you heal comfortably and quickly.
  • We’ll maximize your dental insurance, AND you can choose from our three financing solutions.

Hear what Dru has to say about his smile transformation:

How does Same Day New Smile™ work?

Step 1: Consultation

To start, Dru met with our Kirkland dentist for a risk-free, complimentary consultation.

Our team got to know him by discussing what he’d like his smile to look like, his medical and dental history, and answer his questions and concerns.

Then we took multiple x-rays and 3D digital images of Dru’s smile so Dr. Keller could have the perfect view of all the anatomical elements.

Dr. Keller thoroughly explained what the Same Day New Smile™ dental implant service would entail as well as the estimated costs, and Dru happily jumped on board!

Step 2: Planning

Right after Dru’s consultation, Dr. Keller and his technicians started planning!

To ensure patients receive the smile of their dreams, they spend hours mapping out the surgery and new smile down to the finest details.

We aim to make the process as smooth as possible.

He has things that they do in your mouth with how they measure your bite and how everything will fit together. It’s technologically advanced like I’ve never seen before, and it works! It really works!

To make this happen, we use state-of-the-art technologies such as:

  • Our Trios Digital Scan, which is a scanner that generates a digital impression of your teeth, doing away with the need for “goopy” impressions.
  • The Tekscan Bite Scanner, which generates a diagram of the pressure points when you bite. This tool will help us balance patients’ bites perfectly, ensuring the dentistry lasts a lifetime.
  • A CAT scan, which Dr. Keller uses to plan the entire procedure – before starting surgery. CAT scans are typically only found in hospitals, but we have one here at Smiles By Design!
  • And much more!

Step 3: Implant placement

Dr. Keller strategically positioned four dental implants in Dru’s jaw and secured his temporary set of teeth to the implants.

The temporary set gave him a few days to try out his new smile.

Two days later, Dru returned for his permanent set of teeth and Dr. Keller made any necessary adjustments.

We wanted his new smile to be perfect for him!

During the procedure, we used a local anesthetic so he wouldn’t feel any pain.

Our office is also stocked with calming amenities, including:

  • Refreshments
  • Soft blankets
  • Netflix TV

We also offer sedation dentistry for anyone who suffers from dental anxiety or fear to ease nerves.

Step 4: It’s showtime!

When Dru and Dr. Keller were happy with the results, Dr. Keller permanently placed Dru’s final smile.

He placed a beautiful arch of new teeth that mimics the look and feel of Dru’s natural teeth.


His lovely new smile performs every function his teeth once had, including:

  • Chewing
  • Talking
  • Supporting the jaw
  • Keeping his airway open

Take a look at his new smile below!

Dru's Smile After Same Day New Smile

The outcome of Dru’s same-day dental implants case study

You need to come see Dr. Shawn Keller at Smiles by Design because that guy will change your life.

The improvement in Dru’s smile is incredible.

He looks healthier, younger, AND happier!

He’s glowing in those after pictures.

If you’re considering improving your smile or health too, just know:

It’s absolutely worth it. Dr. Keller’s work is a game-changer!

And don’t just take our word for it.

Hear from more patients about their experience.

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