Headaches, dizziness, ringing in the ears, sore shoulders or neck.

If you checked the WebMD website you would find that there are 81 conditions associated with these symptoms. Most people would readily think of stress, not getting your usual caffeine fix, or an allergic reaction to something you ate as being the probable cause. But, honestly how many of us would think of TMJ as being the culprit?

The Great Impostor

TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder) has been called “The Great Impostor” because it mimics the symptoms of many other medical problems. This can make diagnosis difficult and can result in patients being seen by multiple doctors, often enduring misdiagnoses and failed treatments before they are finally correctly evaluated as suffering from TMJ. Often, the delay in getting a proper diagnosis and treatment has caused the symptoms to multiply and worsen, and it may now require more extended treatment to resolve the symptoms.

TMJ is a joint disorder that is aggravated by the improper alignment of the teeth which pushes the jawbone out of its proper working position. This causes stress to the jaw and the muscles supporting it that, over time, result in a distressing myriad of symptoms.

Pain Relief Solutions That Work!


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