Same Day, New Smile - Brian McKnight's Story

Brian McKnight is a famous R&B artist well known for hits like “Back at One,” “The Only One for Me,” and “Anytime,” but he had teeth problems, just like the rest of us, and needed top-of-the-line dental care.

Believe it or not, just like many of you, Brian had some apprehension about going to the dentist.

Since he relies heavily on his ears and mouth, anyone working on either puts him slightly on edge. Plus, he was a little bit skittish about getting his mouth numbed.

At Smiles by Design, our Kirkland, WA, dentist gained his trust and gave him results he absolutely raved about, declaring our Same Day New Smile treatment as probably, “The best thing I’ve ever done for myself.”

We’d love to take you through Brian’s process. You’ll be inspired by the remarkable results this Billboard Music Award winner received. When you see his New Smile, it might be the push you need to start your Smiles by Design treatment.

Let’s stop the chatter and get down to it!

Brian’s consultation & first appointment

As we do for all our patients, Brian had his first consultation with us and, not long after, returned for the surgery.

During this stage, we aim to make these two appointments within the same week whenever possible. We understand people desire a better smile, and they want it now.

His concerns

Initially, we discussed how Brian was a bit nervous about needing to have his mouth numbed. It is a common concern with patients that we’ve seen a time or two in our office. His fear was understandable as one who makes a living as a singer.

Patients often don’t want to receive a numbing agent because they have a distaste for the sensation and dislike that the feeling can linger hours after the treatment. Not to mention, some patients have a fear of needles.

Our dentist knew what he needed to do — gain the patient’s trust and put his mind at ease. That’s what Dr. Keller did by answering Brian’s questions and educating him on what to expect throughout the process.

Ultimately, he addressed Brian’s concerns and made him feel confident in our care. In fact, Dr. Keller did this through the entire process, making Brian’s treatment with us a positive one; one he’s willing to share with his fans today.

His problem

Brian was having trouble with a significant number of his teeth. This issue hindered his confidence, considering he’s in the limelight frequently. We can’t forget to add how it impacted his personal life, like his eating ability. Teeth are necessary for word enunciation because they block out air and control your tongue’s position. Therefore, you can imagine how this could affect a singer’s performance. And it could’ve eventually affected his singing abilities.

We also had to factor in that Brian needed a solution now. Not only for his career but because he’s also a busy family man. Brian has six children, with his last one, Brian Kainoa, born on January 23, 2023.

Determining the solution

After careful deliberation, Dr. Keller recommended Same Day New Smile, similar to All-on-Four. This treatment consists of our dentist placing four non-metal dental implants (CeraRoots) in one jaw.

Our dentist created this technique and was the first to provide non-metal implants in Washington. CeraRoot implants require a less extensive surgical process for many patients than standard implants.

They also look more natural than standard implants for those with thinning gums since they’re white like a tooth root. Dr. Keller found this to benefit Brian since he’s in the public eye.

Typically, this process lasts thirty minutes to three hours, depending on the number of teeth affected. Time was vital for the “One Last Cry” singer to minimize time away from his family and touring.

Once complete, our dentist placed the dental arch over the implants. A patient may receive one or two arches. The teeth in the arch consist of ceramic zirconia — a durable material that appears like natural teeth. After this visit, we placed temporary arches on the implants, allowing Brian to talk, smile, and eat as usual until his permanent ones were ready.

Not long after the surgery, after his gums healed, Brian received his permanent arches, and his treatment was complete.

The Final Result

“Shawn is absolutely the best. I highly, highly recommend Dr. Shawn Keller for all your dental implant needs.”

Brian was thrilled with the results. He loved how natural his smile looked and how Dr. Keller made him feel. Throughout the process, Dr. Keller took his time to ease Brian’s concerns and spend the time he deserved.

Dr. Keller centered Brian’s treatment on making him feel comfortable. We wanted him to know he was in good hands and had nothing to worry about.

At Smiles by Design, our dentist and the entire team are excited that Brian is publicly raving about the care he received here.

While we’re proud to have his endorsement, we want you to know that all our patients can expect the care Brian received, complete with time and compassion.

We strive to make patients feel comfortable and take every step necessary to make the treatment process go smoothly, considering the patient’s situation.


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