Our Difference

Our dentist in Redmond WA is driven to move dentistry forward by embracing the latest technology paired with the highest standard of care.

Redmond Dentistry Just Got Easier

Our commitment to providing you only the best dental care shows with our digital dentistry, one-day smiles, and rejuvenation dentistry.

Missing teeth? See how you can get a new smile in one day! Watch our video.


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Our Diagnostic Dental Technologies

Using the latest tools and technology ensures the success of your dental treatment

Prevent future problems with a balanced bite
Tekscan Bite Scanner

Prevent future problems with a balanced bite

The Tekscan generates a diagram of the pressure points when you bite. This helps us balance your bite perfectly—ensuring that your dentistry lasts a lifetime.
Get a smile preview of the final result
Face Hunter

Get a smile preview of the final result

The Face Hunter scanner creates a photo-realistic 3D digitalization of your face. Face Hunter not only makes the planning process more reliable and but also helps us match our work flawlessly to your facial features. We can give you a very realistic idea of what the final work will look like!
Achieve proper jaw alignment and stop pain
Neuromuscular Technology

Achieve proper jaw alignment and stop pain

With neuromuscular technology, including our computerized mandibular scanner, Dr. Keller can scan your muscles and nerves. He can adjust his methods throughout the procedure based on your biofeedback for optimal results.

Dr. Keller is trained in a wide range of diagnostic systems and tools to help him diagnose, screen, and treat dental problems that could endanger your health and cause you discomfort.

This CAT scan is usually only found in hospitals—but Dr. Keller has it readily available in his Redmond dental office. He uses CAT scans to improve many dental procedures:

  • Safely and comfortably placing dental implants with the 3D scan and computer guide.
  • Bypass long wait times for crowns.
  • Ensures the health of the head, neck, and jaw for a balanced face when performing bite treatment and Same Day New Smile™.
Our TRIOS scanner generates a digital impression of your teeth, doing away with the need for “goopy” impressions. We can use our scanner to get a digital image to create restorations, or to show you things you about your teeth and mouth more accurately.
Our digital x-rays expose patients and staff to up to 90% less radiation than traditional film x-rays. They are better for the environment, can be viewed within seconds, and provide better diagnostic ability when enhanced and enlarged.
The VELscope allows for earlier detection of oral cancer—the sixth deadliest form of cancer. This device uses CSI-style blue lights to pick up tissue changes that can’t be seen with the naked eye, highlighting potential problems that may call for a biopsy.
Volumetric airway analysis allows us to measure your airflow and determine whether your jaw position is restricting your airway.

Our Whole-hearted Approach

We merge skill and artistry with continuous learning to provide unsurpassed lifelong cosmetic care and offer you the opportunity to have the smile of your dreams.

Our Dental Technology Enhances Patient Care

We make dentistry more comfortable and less invasive than ever before

The “white diamond” of dentistry
CeraRoot Metal-Free Implants

The “white diamond” of dentistry

Metal-free implants are the implants of the future! Dr. Keller is the only dentist in Washington and one of the few in the country to offer CeraRoot. Made of Zirconia and ceramic, these restorations match the strength of traditional metal implants without any of the side-effects or unsightly metal showing through your gums.
Harness your body's natural healing power
Stem Cell Therapy

Harness your body's natural healing power

Our cutting-edge stem cell therapy harnesses the remarkable rejuvenating powers of your very own stem cells. Stem cell therapy accelerates tissue regeneration and helps patients heal much more comfortably and quickly. This is the same healing technology elite athletes, such as Tom Brady, have received to help reconstruct injured tissue.
The precise and minimally invasive option
Laser Dentistry

The precise and minimally invasive option

Lasers have changed the game for dentists who have invested in them and the proper training to use them. Removing the need for anesthesia in most cases, they heal, disinfect, and reshape—painlessly.

Dr. Keller is at the forefront of new advances in dentistry,
that ensure you receive enhanced comfort during your treatment and long-lasting restorations that look natural.

No more of that nasty grit! A controlled jet of water, air, and fine powder polishes your teeth, reaching deep into periodontal pockets. It is far more efficient than traditional scrape and polish treatment – and much more comfortable. It reduces teeth sensitivity and encourages re-mineralization of damaged teeth.
Ozone therapy can be used to heal and disinfect. Stubborn infections such as those around root canal teeth and cavitations can be quickly healed with ozone. Bleaching is also enhanced by ozone treatments.
Dr. Keller's guests like his use of the "Wand" computer-aided anesthesia. It is a very comfortable way to achieve numbness, removing what is usually the most anxiety-inducing part of the appointment. Most people don't even notice when he has done it!
We use Computer-Assisted Design & Manufacture (CAD/CAM) to mill crowns, bridges, and more from 3D scans. Dr. Keller is not only at the forefront of this technological revolution but is also traveling the world to instruct others on his ground-breaking techniques.

Taking Dentistry to a New Level

Our Redmond office is so much more than your run of the mill dentistry – we provide our patients with the post care they need to enjoy optimal health. How?

Your mouth can be the window to your overall health. Using our state-of-the-art technology we provide the care you need to get both ideal oral and full body health.


What you put in your mouth has a massive impact on both your teeth and the way your body works. Our health-focused team is passionate about nutrition, so ask us for any advice or ideas you need.


‘‘I had no pain, no swelling and I could have worked the same day. It was life changing.’’

- Lani

More Than Just a Dental Appointment

Our focus is to provide a unique dentist visit that helps you overcome your fears and apprehensions while making you feel relaxed and calm.

Greeted with a smile

Our friendly front desk team will make you feel instantly at home with a refreshment and will happily answer any questions.

360 view

To give the best care possible we take images from every angle.

Team Talk

Our major difference is we listen. Our dental experts take extra time to discuss your options and put together your customized plan.

Game Time

When you are 100% ready, we put your plan into action. We are with you constantly through the treatment and of course will ensure your comfort.


We are with you each step of the way even after your treatment. As part of your after-care we make sure you are comfortable and informed.

Get Informed. Take Control. Pursue Iconic Dentistry.